Facts of Welven Da Great

  • Birth Date : May 31, 1988
  • Birth Place : Long Beach, California
  • Gender : Male
  • Marital Status : In Relationship
  • Net Worth : $300k
  • Height : 5.5 ft
  • Eye Color : Light Brown Eyes


Welven Da Great is an Instagram celebrity who rose to prominence after sharing his comedic videos on the platform. “Deez Nuts” is the title of one of his most well-known songs.

Welven Da Great: Family Life

Welven Harris was born in Long Beach, California, on May 31, 1988. He grew up with his cousins, whom he used to amuse with his sometimes bizarre actions. Harris was also a mentally ill child who was often bullied as a result of his condition.

Welven’s disability made it difficult for him. He did, however, have a family that was incredibly supportive and motivating. They made certain that he was treated with all of the love and care that he deserved. Despite his celebrity, Welven maintains high respect for his family, who continue to provide him with all of the support he needs.

Journey of Life

Welven Da Great rose to prominence after the release of his video “Who Don’t Got No Bitches.” The catchy song “Got Em” was featured in this video, and it recently went viral. Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, and Russell Simmons have all reposted this video. Following that, Welven released another video called “Deez Nuts,” which went viral.

Welven’s video has been viewed over 58k times since it was posted on his Instagram account. It was just the first month of the year. As a result, his Instagram following grew to new heights. He has fans all over the world, but many people feel he is being used for fame and wealth.

Death Hoax

Welven Da Great, aka the Deez Nuts guy, has been the subject of numerous death rumors since his rise to fame, all of which have been proven to be false.

Rumors of Welven’s death resurfaced in July after fans paid tribute to him on social media. After a friend of his chimed in to say he had talked to Welven the day before, the rumor was quickly debunked.

In addition, rumors began to spread a few years ago after an obituary was published on Dead Death, prompting several people to share and update it on social media.

Moreover, the most recent rumors about “Deez Nuts guy’s” death are said to have begun on YouTube after a few videos on the site suggested the internet celebrity had been discovered dead after becoming homeless.

Despite the rumors, Welven Da Great has since appeared in a video on Twitter assuring fans that he is “alive and well.”

How Rich is Welven Da Great?

Net Worth Salary
$300k Under review

As of 2021, he has a net worth of $300,000 and the figures are sure to rise in the near future.

Welven Da Great: Personal Life

According to a video he posted on YouTube in October of 2017, Welven has a girlfriend. However, the identity of this lady is unknown, but many people believe she is the one.

Rumors circulated that Welven Da Great had been arrested. He had reportedly sexually harassed several women at a nightclub, according to the rumors. The rumors, however, were false and were spread by his “haters.”

Body Status

He has a height of 5 ft 5 inches and he has black hair and black eyes.

Welven Da Great: Social Media Followers

He has around 112k followers on Instagram, around 2.4k followers on Twitter, but he is absent on Facebook.

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