Facts of Erin Siena Jobs

  • Birth Date : August 19, 1995
  • Birth Place : California, USA
  • Country : USA
  • Gender : Female
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Horoscope : Leo
  • Net Worth : $19.1 billion
  • Height : 5.6 ft
  • Weight : 55 kg
  • Eye Color : Light Brown Eyes
  • Ethnicity : White
  • Father Name : Steve Jobs
  • Mother Name : Laurene Powell

Who is Erin Siena Jobs?

Erin Siena Jobs was born on 19 August 1995, in California, USA. She is perhaps best referred to as the eldest daughter of business magnate Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene Powell. Her father is understood worldwide for being the co-founder of Apple Inc. and one of the foremost prominent figures within the technology sector before his passing.

Erin Siena Jobs is one of the four children of Steve Jobs. She is that the third child of the world-famous American entrepreneur, inventor, industrial designer, and business tycoon, born through his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. Born to affluent and educated parents, Erin has probably seen all the comforts in her life.

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Erin Siena Jobs: Bith, Age, Siblings, Family, Father, Mother

Erin was born on August 19, 1995, in California, US, to Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene Powell as their first daughter and therefore the second child together. Her mother, Laurene, is an American businesswoman, executive. And therefore the founding father of ‘Emerson Collective’ and co-founder and president of the ‘Board of school Track’ that readies unprivileged high school students for school. Erin’s elder brother, Reed, was born in September 1991, while her younger sister, Eve, was born in May 1998.

Early life, Education

She grew up together with her siblings, elder brother Reed and younger sister Eve. She also features a half-sister, Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs, through his father’s early association with American painter and writer Chrisann Brennan. Erin comes across as a quiet person and likes to steer a personal life. She doesn’t divulge much about her life and whereabouts. However, it’s a known incontrovertible fact that she is skilled in architecture and style, a trait she probably inherited from her dad, who had an excellent sense of design. Following the demise of Steve Jobs, Erin, alongside Reed and Eve, has maintained a modest lifestyle faraway from all the limelight.

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As Steve Jobs’ Daughter

She was born amidst all the posh as by that point Steve Jobs had already co-founded ‘Apple Inc.’ Alongside Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, then left the corporate to make his own American computer and software company ‘NeXT.’ In February 1997, when Erin was a mere toddler ‘NeXT’ was merged with ‘Apple Inc’ and eventually Jobs became the Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. As children of this extremely successful business magnate, inventor, and industrial designer, Erin alongside her other siblings, garnered tons of attention.

Her father got into an issue when he denied paternity of Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Lisa was born to Chrisann Brennan with whom Steve Jobs had an on-off relationship for several years. Jobs denied paternity of Lisa for several years resulting in a legal case. This controversy led to a DNA assay, which established him as Lisa’s father. Jobs later reconciled and acknowledged Lisa as his daughter. As per Lisa’s wish, he legally changed her certificate, altering her name to Lisa Brennan-Jobs from Lisa Brennan.

The Death of Steve Jobs

Erin lost her father on October 5, 2011, thanks to respiratory failure which was medically associated with relapse of a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, diagnosed and treated way back in 2003. Following Jobs’s death, Erin’s mother inherited the ‘Steven P. Jobs Trust.’ Forbes 2016 list ranked Erin’s family at 44th position among the billionaires across the world.

It also mentioned Erin’s mother, Laurene, because of the wealthiest woman within the technology industry. However, with all the riches and opulence at their disposal, the roles children including Erin lead a modest life.
Erin may be a very quiet person, some kind of an introvert, and prefers to take care of a personal life. She had an emotionally distant relationship together with her father, who also led a personal life. She had no inkling of the way to get on the brink of genius. Nevertheless, she picked up her father’s skills in architecture and style.

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Father – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs grew up in California also, and while he enrolled at Reed College, soon dropped bent seek enlightenment in India, studying Zen Buddhism, meantime using several drugs including LSD and marijuana. Eventually, he alongside partner Steve Wozniak started developing the thought for a private computer which might later be named Apple I. And co-founded the corporate Apple in 1976 in hopes of selling the pc.

However, it wasn’t until the discharge of Apple II that fame and wealth began to come their way because it was one of the foremost successful mass-produced personal computers of their time.

Afterward, they found inspiration for a mouse-driven computer, which had a graphical interface that eventually led to the Macintosh in 1984. The pc introduced the technology of publication, and shortly they might produce the primary electrostatic printer to feature vector graphics. However, in 1985, he was forced out of Apple following a struggle with then CEO John Scully and created a replacement company called NeXT which might fund the pc graphics division of Lucasfilm and led to the creation of Pixar.

In 1997, Apple merged with NeXT and helped revive the previous company which was on the brink of bankruptcy. Which led to the creation of a replacement line of products, including the iPod, iMac, iTunes, iPhone, and iPad.

Erin Siena jobs: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Born on 19th august 1995 Erin sienna jobs will turn 25 years old now. She appears to be Fit and healthy. Erin’s body figure measurements are 34-26-35 and she or he wears no 6 within the shoe size. Steve’s jobs daughter Erin features a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall and her weight is 55 kg. Erin has brown color eyes and brown color hair.

Erin Siena jobs: Net worth, Assets

Her father steps jobs are one among the richest people within the world. And his net worth was estimated billion dollars.
Erin is one of four children of steve jobs. She features a part of huge wealth also. Erin is students now and therefore the total net worth of Erin Siena jobs is $19.1 billion us.

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