Facts of Sierra Furtado

  • Birth Date : September 24, 1993
  • Birth Place : Montreal, Canada
  • Country : Canada
  • Gender : Female
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Horoscope : Libra
  • Income/Salary : $8.5k to $135.8k
  • Height : 5.4 ft
  • Weight : 48 kg
  • Eye Color : Hazel Eyes
  • Father Name : Angelo Furtado
  • Mother Name : Louise Furtado

Who is Sierra Furtado?

Canadian Sierra Furtado could be a YouTube temperament. Furtado is famous for the YouTube channel, Sierra Furtado that went infective agent within the media. She is additionally the author of the book, Life Uploaded: a unique.

Sierra Furtado- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings, Education

She was born Sierra Marie Furtado on the twenty fourth of September 1993 in city, Canada. Her father, Angelo Furtado, and mother, Louise Furtado are of Portuguese-Spanish quality.

She has associate degree elder sister, Amanda and Sierra have attended Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Family Background

Her father, Angelo could be a mechanic by profession. At the age of four, she was a devotee with Corbin. Her mother, Louis, and Corbin’s father wont to add constant workplace. Later, the news was broken that they were having associate degree affair that crystal rectifier to the separation of her oldsters.

After the separation, she visited tolerate her mother in Vancouver in conjunction with her sister.

Sierra Furtado- calling, Career

On the twenty fourth of Oct 2012, Sierra Furtado created a self-titled YouTube channel. Currently, the channel has two.71 million subscribers with 164 million views.

She 1st uploaded the video with the name What I Got for Christmas 2012 wherever she displayed what she got from her family and friends. The terribly 1st video attained the 87k views.

After that, she switched her contents and began creating the makeup videos that gathered her loads of viewers and subscribers. within the terribly 1st month, she gathered the 1k subscribers that reach to 9k in mere 3 months. {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very tiny interval, she became s widespread face in through YouTube.

On the sixth of June, she created the opposite channel for the vlogging purpose solely. within the channel, she has 974k subscribers with eighty four million views. Last on the twenty seventh of March 2020, she uploaded her video wherever she is at the house within the state of quarantine.

Sierra Furtado’s internet value, Salary

Through her YouTube career, she has created a internet value of $500k. Through her main YouTube channel, she makes within the vary of $616 – $9.9K.

Apart from that, through her Vlogging channel, her earnings are within the vary of $8.5K – $135.8K. Besides that, she conjointly earns through her Instagram post that ranges within the five digits.

Sierra Furtado’s dispute, Rumors

However, she wont to be a region of the wonder vloggers cluster, Savage Squad along with the vloggers Eva, Meredith Foster, and Teala Dunn. Now, the cluster isn’t along any longer.

The reason behind this can be still unknown whereas Eva told in her YouTube Q&A section that she was feeling faking once she wont to be with the cluster.

Body Measurements- Height, Weight

Sierra Furtado could be a distrustful blonde. Her height is five feet and four inches and weighs around forty eight metric weight unit.

Social Media Profiles

Sierra has eighty seven followers on Twitter, 1.7 million on Instagram, and 25.9k on Facebook.

On Twitter, she is following the personalities like Alexandra Cooper, Katie Betzing, and Alex Terranova.

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