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Bella Thorne fans predicted that her joining adult paid site OnlyFans would crash the platform – and that they were right. The 22-year-old actress, singer, and “Life of a Wannabe” mogul author announced she’d signed up to the web site on Wednesday, taking only a matter of hours to form headlines for having the location crash.

Bella, who is charging a minimum $20 a month for exclusive footage of herself, made her announcement with a bombshell bikini video now viewed over 1.6 million times. Check it out below.

23.5 million Bella Thorne fans can follow her on Instagram for free of charge. Thorne has used her social media to share sometimes controversial images and videos. She also used Instagram to market her new OnlyFans channel, which is now open for subscriptions. Cardi B recently discussed using OnlyFans to regulate her content too.

bella thorne bikini

Source: Instagram

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Bella Thorne OnlyFans channel

OnlyFans may be a subscription service where artists themselves can set their rates and share content. Some use it to share exclusive, explicit content. Cardi B discussed using OnlyFans to reply to rumors and possibly teach her fans the way to clean their bathrooms. Thorne gave Paper Magazine an interview about her plans for her OnlyFans channel. Here’s more info about Thorne’s plans for OnlyFans.

Scroll for the video. Bella, whose bikini body has made headlines galore during her Mexico travels this summer, had posted a blazing hot video to announce her OnlyFans sign-up. It showed the “Infamous” actress flaunting her killer curves while soaking wet and from a pool, with the bikini vibe alive and well. Bella, also seen with chunky pearl jewelry and a cheeky “sex” necklace, had been filmed during a mash-up, also saying:

“Excuse me, I even have an announcement.”


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OnlyFans servers close to crash” maybe a comment now sitting at over 500 likes. it had been correct.

Bella, estimated to earn up to $1 million a month via OnlyFans, then made headlines because the site crashed, although it’s reported to be back to normal now. Racy content from Bella starts at $20 a month, with a “subscription bundle” at $60 for 3 months. Extra-keen fans can check-in for $102 for 6 months, snagging themselves a 15% discount.

Bella is additionally fresh from promoting both her #1 “Infamous” movie and her Forbidden Flowers cannabis line. She’s also been making major vacation headlines. Scroll after the video for her Mexico photos.

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Bella Thorne boyfriend: Hits Up Mexico With Italian Pop Star Boyfriend

Bella made headlines in July for jetting bent Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with Italian pop star boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo. the 2 had been separated for nearly five months thanks to the worldwide pandemic, with Bella writing that Mascolo wasn’t “allowed” into the States:

“After 5 months reunited & it feels so good ❤️ where we could go next ?? since ben isn’t allowed in America yet… and that I can’t attend Italy unless I even have a piece permit there.”

Bella then updated from the 5-star Esperanza resort hotel, together with her 23.5 million followers gushing over the romantic snaps. But there have been rumors.

bella thorne boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo

Source: Instagram

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Bella Thorne controversy, rumors on social media

Thorne has tried to use her platform to debate relevant issues like body shaming and wonder standards. Sometimes her posts are controversial, either together with her own fans or with the media itself.

Thorne came under attack for Halloween makeup that some fans thought inappropriately portrayed victims of spousal abuse. Her promotion of the Flat Tummy App garnered more criticism for suggesting she was promoting thinness.

OnlyFans hack

When a hacker threatened to leak nude selfies of Thorne, she took control of the narrative and leaked them herself. Thorne also refused to shave her legs to evolve to fans’ and society’s beauty standards. She also criticized Extra for blurring her nipples in an interview to market Famous crazy.

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