Facts of Linda Hamilton

  • Country : USA
  • Gender : Female
  • Marital Status : Divorced
  • Net Worth : $70 million
  • Height : 5.6 ft
  • Weight : 58 kg
  • Eye Color : Light Brown Eyes
  • Father Name : Carroll Stanford Hamilton
  • Mother Name : Barbara K. Holt


Linda Hamilton is a Hollywood actress best known for playing Sarah Connor in James Cameron’s cult classic science fiction films The Terminator and Terminator: Judgment Day, for which she won a Saturn Award and two MTV Movie Awards. She was often dubbed the most attractive woman of the 1990s.

Linda Hamilton: Family Life

Linda and her identical twin sister, Leslie, were born in the family of a physician, Carroll Stanford Hamilton, and Barbara K. Holt, in the fall of 1956. Laura is her older sister, and she has a younger brother, Ford, who was born a year after the twins.

Linda and Leslie were just five years old when their father died in a car crash, leaving all four children in the care of their mother. She did, however, find happiness with Salisbury’s police chief, who became a father figure and the children’s caretaker.

For obvious reasons, her mother was alarmed by her daughter’s conduct, and she finally took her to the doctor. Linda was diagnosed with bipolar disorder shortly after, for which she was treated with antidepressants and regular visits to the psychiatrist. Linda had eventually made peace with her twin sister and learned to handle her violent mood swings when she was about 30 years old.


Linda enrolled at Washington College in Chestertown and studied there until she decided to pursue acting lessons in New York, where she attended Lee Strasberg’s acting workshops.

Journey of Life

Hamilton moved to California after graduation to pursue an acting career, and her first major television appearance was in the prime-time soap opera Secrets of Midland Heights, which was well-received by the public. Casting agents took note of her and asked her to audition for Fritz Kiersch’s supernatural horror film Children of the Corn.

She co-starred in the film with Peter Horton as a married couple who were involved in an accident near an abandoned town populated and ruled by children. The kids had killed all the adults in town as a human sacrifice for a bloodthirsty god known as “He Who Walks Behind the Rows.”

Linda became one of Hollywood’s most in-demand rising stars after the release of The Terminator. She played Elena Koslov in Don Taylor’s television drama Secret Weapons, Nina in Harley Cokliss’ science fiction action thriller Black Moon Rising, Carol McDermott in a Murder, She Wrote episode, and Amy Franklin in John Guillermin’s monster adventure film King Kong Lives.

Hamilton turned her attention to television series for a while, appearing in shows such as Air Force One is Down, Lost Girl, Chuck, According to Jim, The Line, and others. In 2014, she co-starred with Trevor Donovan in the television science fiction horror film Bermuda Tentacles, in which she played Admiral Hansen.

How Rich is Linda Hamilton?

Net Worth Salary
$70 million Under review

She has an estimated net worth of around $70 million USD and she has a luxurious life with various expensive vacation trips.

Linda Hamilton: Personal Life

Linda met Bruce Abbott, an actress while filming the action thriller Tag: The Assassination Game in 1980. They quickly fell in love and married. She had a miscarriage during her marriage, and as a result, her bipolar disorder resurfaced. Linda would pick fights with her husband on purpose, yell, and blame him for whatever had happened.

Linda became involved with director James Cameron, who later became her second husband while filming Terminator 2. Not only did their artistic and romantic union result in one of the most memorable and profitable action films of the 1990s, but it also resulted in the birth of a baby girl, Josephine, in 1993.

For Kathryn Bigelow, who was married to Cameron at the time, the office affair was the last straw, and she filed for divorce. Linda and James began living together in 1991 and were legally married in 1997.

After Cameron finished filming his iconic epic romance and disaster film Titanic, which won him and the rest of the crew an incredible 11 Academy Awards, Linda’s relationship with him was totally ruined. On the set of Titanic, he got very friendly with a young promising actress named Suzy Amis. And then, just nine months after marrying Linda, he abandoned her for a new love.

In 1999, the divorce of a well-known producer and a highly sought-after actress was finalized. After receiving a $50 million divorce settlement, Linda Hamilton moved to Malibu with both of her children, making it one of the biggest divorce settlements in Hollywood history. She acknowledges that the marriage was a massive blunder.

Body Status

She has a height of  5 ft. 6 inches and weighs 58 kg. Her body measurements are 32-26-32 inches and she has grey hair and light brown eyes.

Linda Hamilton: Social Media Followers

She has around 18k followers on Instagram, around 7.5k followers on Facebook, and around 5.7k followers on Twitter.

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