Harry Derbridge, 25 and his partner Dean Rowland, 35 did their engagement in August 2019. Three months later, they announced their decision to adopt a child. And now Harry has given an update on the adoption process and the couple’s upcoming wedding.

Harry Derbridge on Loose Women show

The ex-TOWIE actor Harry Derbridge is one happy man. He and his fiance Dean Rowland are set to marry. Harry appeared on the show Loose Women where he talked about the progress of the gay couple’s adoption of a child. He also gave details and an insight into his marriage with Dean.

Harry Derbridge (Source: The Sun UK)

Harry Derbridge talks adoption

After the pair’s engagement in August 2019, Harry and Dean decided mutually to adopt a child. They are open to adopting children as old as five years of age. And now in his conversation with hosts of Loose Women, Harry spoke about the process and how far it has reached. Harry said:

‘We’ve just started our adoption process, we’re at stage one.’

He continued:

‘Background checks, making sure we’re fit enough and well enough for a child to come into our lives.’

Harry and Dean (Source: The Sun UK)

Harry explained:

‘Stage two is when you meet the social workers and do training to mentally prepare yourself for a child to come into your life.’

He continued:

‘A baby is one day old, or a five year old. For us, there is hundreds and thousands of kids looking for homes who are already in the world.’

Harry stated:

‘I totally understand when two gay men want to go through the surrogacy but we decided adoption was the right route for us.

‘When we first started this, we both said we wanted a newborn. But as it’s gone on and you hear of all these stories who have foster parents.

‘A baby is a baby to us, if it’s one, two, three, five, no matter what. That baby will be our baby.’

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About the couple’s wedding

Harry also spoke of their upcoming nuptials. He said:

‘He [Dean] has about eight bridesmaids already, he goes out for drinks and tells them they’re going to be bridesmaids.

‘Demi [Sims] and Amy [Childs] are our maid of honours and then we have eight bridesmaids as well.’

‘We kept saying we want our bridesmaids in white because we’re not wearing white.

‘Amy keeps sending me wedding dresses. I feel like she thinks she’s gonna have a Katie Price fantasy wedding and I was like, ‘no babe’.’

Amy Childs posted a video about cousin Harry’s engagement (Source: Instagram)

Harry also spoke of their first meeting. He said:

‘We’ve been together two years now, we met in a nightclub through mutual friends. It was love at first sight, we’ve not been apart since.’

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Talking about their engagement, he said:

‘It was so lovely because we did it really privately at home. Dean proposed to me.

‘A month before he proposed we’d been out to a restaurant and saw a couple get engaged and everyone making a big fuss and I was like, I would be mortified. He knew to do it at home.’

‘After the engagement, Harry thought we were going for dinner with my mum and I said, ‘just before we go to dinner with my mum I have to do one more thing for you’.

‘Amy lives two minutes away from us so I thought, he’s gonna know. I drove out and drove around and around just to confuse.’

Harry and Dean set to marry (Source: Instagram)

Amy arranged for a surprise engagement party in the meantime for them.

Source: Daily Mail UK


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