Facts of Steven Crowder

  • Birth Date : July 7, 1987
  • Birth Place : Detroit, Michigan
  • Gender : Male
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Married With : Hilary
  • Net Worth : $2.7 million
  • Height : 6.2 ft
  • Weight : 100 kg
  • Eye Color : Light Brown Eyes


Steven Crowder is a famous American-Canadian prudent political anchor and commentator, channel commentator, and comedian. He hosts the YouTube channel and podcast -Louder with Crowder, where he discusses and explains socio-political issues in the United States. He’s also a former Fox News patron.

Steven Crowder: Family Life

Crowder was born on 7th July 1987, in Detroit, Michigan. Steven is from the city of Grosse Pointe in the state of Michigan. He came from a mixed household. His father was from the United States, and his mother was from France. In Canada, she worked as a stylist and costume designer for television. His father was raised as a devout Christian, while his mother was raised as a devout Catholic, though neither was particularly religious. Steven had a brother, Jordan. All the family moved to Quebec, soon after Steven’s birth. He spent most of his childhood there. His birth sign is Cancer.


Centennial Regional High School was Steven’s alma mater. Greenfield Park High School was a co-educational comprehensive public high school in Greenfield Park, Quebec. Steven is now a well-known graduate of the school.

Journey of Life

Steven began performing when he was 12 years old. He was a voice actor on the children’s television show Arthur, where he played Alan “The Brain” Powers. Steven became politically aware at a young age, praising his Christian upbringing as well as his early experiences in the entertainment industry for his conservatism.

When Steven’s father sat him down and handed him his first paycheck, he explained what would be deducted for taxes. In Quebec, the top tax rate was around 51 percent, and Steven thought to himself, “Oh no, that’s my money.” Steven, a C+ student who didn’t work very hard, graduated from high school at the age of 16 and went to Champlain College in Vermont for two semesters.

Steven’s job as a manual laborer for “Just for Laughs” inspired him to pursue a career as a stand-up comic. He was the youngest comedian ever to perform at “Just for Laughs” when he was 18 years old. Then he appeared in films such as Two Summers, Three Needles, The Covenant, and others. His major stage before getting picked up by Fox News in 2009 was YouTube.

Crowder denounced democratic socialism as being little more than the Marxist theory itself in a brief video for the conservative website Prager University in 2016. He enjoyed participating in a variety of political activities. In 2016, he released a video mocking Cenk Uygur’s anger tantrum meltdown at the RNC when Alex Jones turned up.

How Rich is Steven Crowder?

Net Worth Salary
$2.7M Under review

He has a net worth of around $2.7 million dollars as of recent sources.

Steven Crowder: Personal Life

In the year 2012, Crowder married. Hilary eventually became his wife. He wrote that he had been looking forward to a wedding for quite some time. They were raised in Christian households. That’s why, prior to the wedding, Steven and Hilary had never had sex. As he wrote, their wedding night was incredible. They now live in Dallas, Texas, where they have a home.

Body Status

He has a height of 6 ft. 2 inches and weighs 100kg. Also, he has light brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Steven Crowder: Social Media Followers

He has around 1M followers on Instagram, around 1.2M followers on Twitter, and around 2.8M followers on Facebook.

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