Facts of Dan Bilzerian

  • Birth Date : December 7, 1980
  • Birth Place : Tampa, Florida, United States
  • Country : USA
  • Gender : Male
  • Marital Status : In Relationship
  • Horoscope : Sagittarius
  • Net Worth : $150 million
  • Height : 4.10 ft
  • Weight : 85 kg
  • Eye Color : Dark Brown Eyes
  • Father Name : Paul Bilzerian
  • Mother Name : Terri Steffen

Dan Bilzerian is an Armenian-American actor, internet personality, and gambler. He is well-known for posting pictures and videos of his lavish lifestyle on social media sites.

Dan Bilzerian: Bio, Age, Parents, Family, Ethnicity

Dan Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida, the United States on 7th December 1980. As of 2019, his age is 39.

His parents are Paul Bilzerian(father) and Terri Lee Steffen(mother). Also, he has a brother, Adam Bilzerian who is also a poker player. His father used to be a corporate raider on Wall Street and he had set up trust funds for both of his sons. Paul was arrested for tax fraud when Dan was 10 years old.

                                                                    Dan Bilzerian women(Source: YouTube)

Bilzerian’s nationality is Armenian-American and he belongs to Mixed(Armenian, French-Canadian, Swiss-German, and Norwegian) ethnicity.

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Education: Navy, University

Bilzerian entered the Navy SEAL training program in 2000. He tried several times but unfortunately did not graduate. Similarly, he also dropped from the program for a ‘safety violation on the shooting range’.

Later, he joined the University of Florida and graduated majoring in Business and Criminology.

Dan Bilzerian: Poker Career

Soon after his graduation, Dan started playing poker at high stakes and began making a fortune. He had also funded some start-ups, but his main source of income has always remained poker ever since he entered his 20s.

The millionaire was remarkably good at playing poker. Some claimed he was a fraud, while others credit his immense success at poker to his amazing IQ level.

He has also sponsored other poker players. In 2009, he entered the competitive poker scene in the ‘World Series of Poker’ and finished in the 180th spot by the end of the tournament. In 2010, ‘Bluff,’ an American magazine, named Bilzerian as one of the funniest poker players in the world.

As his fortune started growing significantly, several critics started claiming that he was not the self-made man that he claimed himself to be. Many even said that he had used his father’s trust fund money to make bets on games and had just been lucky so far.

Ignoring the critics, he continued to get richer every day and soon turned into a celebrity on social media sites.

In 2011, he suffered a minor roadblock when he was asked to return the money he made while playing against Bradley Ruderman when the latter was charged with fraud and had to repay his victims.


He made his film debut with a small role in the 2013 film ‘Olympus Has Fallen,’ which starred Hollywood icons, Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. The following year, he made an appearance as ‘Daniel Healy’ in the Mark Wahlberg-starred war movie ‘Lone Survivor.’

In the same year, he made an appearance in a romantic comedy titled ‘The Other Woman.’ He has also made appearances in the 2014 film ‘The Equalizer.’ Some of his other movies including ‘Extraction’ and ‘War Dogs.’

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Dan Bilzerian: Lifestyle

                                                      Dan Bilzerian plane party(Source: Daily Mail)

He has been living in a very high-profile life. Before he reached 25, he had two heart attacks, on 2 consecutive days. According to the doctors, the attacks were due to binge drinking and overconsumption of cocaine and weed, accompanied by a lot of sex.

He is known as the most successful poker player in the world, and he never shies away from showing off his fortune on social media. His ‘Instagram’ profile has around 29.5 million followers. He is also known widely as the ‘King of Instagram.’

Dan often uploads pictures of him traveling the world and almost all his pictures have models posing by his side.

He spends time with celebrities including Mel Gibson, Wiz Khalifa, and Ludacris. Dan also invites many of his celebrity friends to his house parties.

Some people who have attended his house parties have even more outrageous claims about him and his parties. It is said that people randomly have sex with each other anytime during his parties. They also consume drugs and drink a lot. Bilzerian himself has had multiple sex partners.


In 2014, he was banned from a Miami nightclub for kicking model Vanessa Castano in the face.

Likewise, an adult actress named Janice Griffith filed a lawsuit against him for throwing her off the roof into a pool which led her to break her foot.

Similarly, for unrelated bomb-making charges, he has also been arrested at Los Angeles International Airport.

Furthermore, he once was on International wanted list for visiting a shooting range and firing weapons at the Republic of Artsakh.

How much is Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth?

As of 2019, he has an estimated net worth of around $200 million.

Dan Bilzerian: Girlfriends, Affairs, Dating

Bilzerian has always been a proud womanizer.

                                                           Andrea Bolbea and Bilzerian(Source: Quora)

There is no record of him being in a serious relationship. He has dated Alana Kari, Andrea Bolbea, Jessa Hinton, Sofia Beverly, and has been seen with countless models.

Dan Bilzerian: Height, Weight

He has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 85 kg. Dan has dark brown hair color and hazel color eyes. He has a signature thick beard.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

He is active on social media sites with over 13M followers on Facebook, more than 1.6M followers on Twitter and around 29.3M followers on Instagram. Similarly, he also has a YouTube channel with 88k subscribers.

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