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Brock Pierce announced a run for President of the United States as an Independent on July 5, 2020, filing with the FEC on July 7. Pierce based his campaign around his background as an entrepreneur, and his running mate is Karla Ballard.

Once he was First Kid — now he wants the highest job.

Brock Pierce, the previous child star of the 1996 kiddie comedy “First Kid,” who grew up to become a cryptocurrency billionaire, has been moving aggressively to shake up the 2020 presidential race and position himself as an independent third party alternative to President Trump and Joe Biden.

Pierce’s five-year run on the large screen included gigs starring alongside Emilio Estevez within the first two “The Mighty Ducks” movies and because of the son of a president in “First Kid” with Sinbad. And he landed some rave reviews.

brock pierce president

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Brock Pierce movies

“Pierce is superb in his first major film role,” Leonard Klady wrote in his Variety critique of “First Kid.” “He’s completely centered as a performer, capturing the complexity of his character with a deceptive simplicity one rarely sees in kid actors.”

That junior political comedy brought Pierce what he’s hoping was just his first taste of D.C. politics.

“Bill Clinton had a cameo within the movie and Sonny Bono had a cameo and that I need to spend a while within the Oval Office,” Pierce recalled.

Pierce remains pals together with his odd-couple partner in comedy Sinbad. Who played his the United States Secret Service agent, and therefore the two texts frequently.

“He’s an exquisite man. We’ve stayed in-tuned of the years. He’s very curious about technology and innovation. We’re watching maybe doing a screening of ‘First Kid’ in NY and l. a. and D.C. with a number of the cast and crew,” said Pierce.

After acting, Pierce got into bitcoin, internet gaming, and other tech ventures where he made his fortune. Now the 39-year-old single father of two daughters with two different women is pivoting once more — to the presidential campaign trail.

“Whether we go left or right, it doesn’t desire we are making progress or going forward as a rustic. we’d like … game-changing change. it’s time to upgrade the OS of America. America 2.0,” Pierce told The Post, adding that neither Trump nor Biden have a true “grasp of technology.”

“I think that neither candidate really connects with the younger generations,” Pierce said. “I am not hearing from either candidate any real vision. I’m not hearing anything that basically inspires me. I’m hearing tons of negativity.”

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Brock Pierce Net worth, Donation, Campaign

Pierce’s personal cash, however, tells a special story. He donated quite $100,000 to Trump’s campaign and therefore the Republican National Committee in August 2019, FEC records show. Pierce said the cash was spent so he could lobby the president about Puerto Rican relief issues at a dinner with him at the house of hedge fund billionaire John Paulson.

“It was something done just one occasion with one purpose,” he said emphatically, explaining the six-figure donation.

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Brock Pierce Presidential race

Pierce says he doesn’t expect to win, but rather jumpstart a viable, national third-party movement.

“In the year 2020, it’s not our goal to win the overall election. Our goal is to get the groundwork for the longer term. I … turn 40 in November. I’m during this for a minimum of the subsequent 40 years. Time is on my side,” he said.

Still, the Oval Office isn’t completely out of sight. Pierce’s upstart plan has him aggressively vying to win a couple of states. Thus preventing any candidate from securing the required 270 electoral votes to become president. A bitterly divided House of Representatives then throws the election to him as a compromise candidate, the plan goes.

Pierce, who announced his candidacy on Independence Day — an equivalent day as Kanye West — has already significantly outperformed the rapper on a variety of key metrics. He’s on the ballots in a minimum of 15 states, with plans for an additional five within the works. Kanye has made it on in a minimum of 12 states — but was tossed off the ballot in Ohio, Arizona, and Virginia. Pierce will appear on NY ballots because the candidate of the Independence Party — which endorsed him last month.

Pierce has also been ponying up, pouring quite $1.2 million of his own money into the campaign. Consistent with FEC filings, and says a minimum of $3.5 million has already been injected. He refused to supply a ceiling on what he would spend, saying only that he was “prepared to take a position heavily.”

Source: NY Post

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